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Past struggles of a love, complicated marriage and visions

I would like someone to help me and regarding a dream I keep remembering. Before I explain my dream, I would like to give some background information.

The past is haunting us

She lost custody of her children due to relocation with me. She can have them back if she moves back, but we can’t effectively have a relationship if she moves back.

Advice about how to handle wife’s past

Sometimes I feel weak because of her past and my male ego gets very hurt… If she was married before, but never committed any unlawful deeds such as premarital sex it would be much easier for me to handle.

Should I marry her or let her go now?

I love her a lot and don’t want to leave her but still I can’t trust her at all. What should I do?

my wife’s affair before marriage.

I g0t married 3 months ago, but a few days before I realized that my wife had an affair with a boy before marriage. When I asked her she admitted that she had an affair with him, and  even accepted that they crossed the limits. But she also promised and gave me an oath that she will never repeat […]

How can I get over my upset that he is not a virgin?

I’ve been with this guy for almost 7 months now. We are very in love, I care about him immensely. And we are even planning marriage soon. To me he is perfect. There is nothing wrong with him the only problem I have with him is his past. When I first met him he did tell me that he was not a virgin, at that time it did not really bother me because it was a long time ago and he was studying his deen and practicing Islam now so I figured that’s just his past and he’s changed now.

Is my marriage to my ex’s brother acceptable?

I am a Muslim girl who always has tried to be a good person. However, I also have fallen in the traps of shaitan many times. My dilemma is that while I was very young, I was dating this boy. I only saw him for two weeks and then I stopped seeing him….