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Advice about how to handle wife’s past

Sometimes I feel weak because of her past and my male ego gets very hurt… If she was married before, but never committed any unlawful deeds such as premarital sex it would be much easier for me to handle.

Will my past ruin my future?

What would I do if my future husband ever found out? Despite me learning from my mistake and repenting, I still feel ashamed and fear.

I committed zina and now I worry about marriage

Now my parents are looking for a man for me to get married with. What should I do? Should I tell my future husband that am not a virgin? If not, then won’t he find out on the nuptial night?

We committed zina, but I’m disturbed about her past

as salam walikum to all my brothers and sisters, I am 20 and in love with a girl who loves me more than herself, and we have commited ZINA, I  never thought that I would do such a sin, but it happened. At the start of the relationship she told me about her past- that she had a boy friend, […]

I feel guilty to marry after sinning.

He used to say to me that I had to send him photos of me being ashamed. Now the biggest sin which I have done is that I sent him nude photos, plus he used to do sexting. I tried to avoid it, but he said he’d leave me if I didn’t listen to him and if I wouldn’t be involved. Being frightened to lose him I used to say ok then.

how to handle our breakup make things better religiously

I am regretting the physical aspect of out relationship. I am reminded that he was once mature enough to promise that he would not hurt/leave/betray me and therefore got some ‘privileges’ from my stupidity and gullibility (although they were fairly minor). I am regretting doing all this due to the obvious implications in my future life and on judgement day.

I wanted to marry a virgin, but I fear there won’t be any left

Even though I led a sinful life, somehow I didn’t like the idea of having sex with anyone except my future rightful wife. I got lots of opportunities but I always managed to avoid premarital sex (Alhamdulillah). I always thought that my wife would be a virgin, so I must be a virgin too.

Should I marry a girl who had sex with another boy before?

I love a girl so much. She did sex in his past. My friends told me about this. I don’t want to lose her. Tell me Brothers/Sisters should i marry her or not?