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I drank alcohol at a party but want to pray. My peers think otherwise.

I am a practicing Muslim but committed a sin. Will Allah welcome me back?

My “friends” pressured me into a haram relationship…will Allah forgive me?

Out of loneliness, I befriended the wrong crowd. They convinced me that a relationship before marriage is acceptable in “this day and age.” All I want is for Allah to forgive me.

Ashamed of my past

Am I going to hell? Should I start praying? I do not know much but I know what I did in life wasn’t right.

have I done zina?

I left that life behind me and repented, and it’s almost 10 months now. But I don’t feel the same spiritually like I did before. My prayers are not answered. I don’t sincerely pray namaz although I want to, because I get distracted.

Facebook has ruined my friendships

All my friends do not like to talk to me a lot because I am not doing what they ask me to do and I am too much forbidding everything they do. Whenever I pretend to be like them they will like me more, but if I don’t they just ignore me. I feel nowadays that some people don’t like to have religious friends, they just like to have friends who will be more fun.

How to help my lost friends

I am 16 years I have a problem that bothers me since many years I have some childhood friends since I was 4 years our friendship was so strong we used to play..

My friend abandoned me to do badness

I”m a girl and I’m having problems with my friendship in school, My Muslim friend left me for someone who drinks and smokes.