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Are my parents allowed to force me to marry someone?

I’m the elder daughter of my parents. I have another younger sister. We don’t have any brother. We always tried to do everything what our parents wanted us to do. Every time my father used to tell me you can do this and you can’t do this. I didn’t have any opinion of my own. It is like what ever we do on our own will be wrong and bad for us.

Can Someone Do Istikhara for you without your knowledge?

salamualaikum can one Muslim make istikhah for another Muslim without his/her knowledge?

My fiancée wants to marry me despite his father´s dissaproval.

Assalam Alaikum,
Last summer I received a proposal from a very good muslim brother. His parents came to visit first and immediately liked my family and visited again with their son a few days later. This isn’t my first marriage nor is it his, so I was cautious and concerned about the person I’d end up with. Upon meeting him, I didn’t think he was my type nor did he seem interesting. But my parents and siblings encouraged me to keep an open mind. His father had called and talked to me quite a few times