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Am I over-reacting?

I was involved in an accident with a head injury… it has affected the relationship I have with my wife.

My mother is becoming so unreasonable – I don’t know what to do

Is it alright for a mother to do anything that she wants, just because she is a mother? She never listens to anyone, she thinks that only she is right and can never tolerate any confrontation.

He’s changed after engagement… what to do?

Recently our parents got involved for our marriage…. but now he seems to dominate me… He behaves differently

The girl I love has changed

I had a girlfriend, we have been together for almost two years, we both were use to love each other a lot. But I don’t know what happened, she changed and doesn’t want to see me.

Confused about my abusive husband’s behaviour

Salaam, Im a revert, Allah SWT blessed me with this beautiful religion in the form of marriage to a muslim man, I was christian beforehand.We got married, but my problems started immediately after marriage. He turned into this man whom I never knew at all. He started being rude, shouting at me and getting angry over small issues. i feel unsafe when he gets angry. Once he caught me by my neck and tried to choke me.