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Husband chatting to a woman on the phone at nights, please advice.

I am in a bit of a dilemma with regards to my husbands habit. I have been married to him for nearly 6 years and have a child nearly 4 years of age. It was an arranged marriage, we’re related but we both liked each other & were happy to get married to each other. My husband was so caring and loving to me in the beginning, I must say he still says he loves me to bits and will be lost without me. But we slowly started to drift away from each other after having our child

I am 19, I love my cousin, but he is cheating with my sister

I am 19. I loved my cousin. By chance I got his number and started chatting with him. I just wanted to know does he have same feelings as me or if he is involved with someone else. He told me that he had 6 girlfriends. At the same time said that he loved me. I did not believe him and left him. Then I felt that he was chatting with my sister.