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We want to get married but his brother is against it

How can we convince him?

Skin color

I am 14 years old girl who sometimes cries because of her skin colour. Sometimes my friend would make jokes like “Who would want you you are a dark skin”…

How to come out of tension?

I know everything happens for your own good…

Am I ugly?

My husband told me to undergo a whitening treatment… he told me to take injections for preventing melanin!

Depressed because of PCOS

I always prayed to Allah that please don’t give me any such disease that would affect my fertility or my appearance.. but Allah didn’t accept my prayer and I think he hates me.

I don’t understand the method of liking someone for marriage in Islam

If a person have deficiency or is disabled then there are 90% chances they would not be accepted by a normal person. But there are stories about such people finding beautiful and caring partners…

Beauty is important or not?

I had discussed this with my friends. In their opinion physical features do not matter. But if they don’t why doesn’t garbage seem pretty?

Nose Job for UGLY nose….

I extremely fear that I will be rejected by any attractive girl for my ugly face. Maybe I have to be alone for my whole life if all the attractive girls reject me.

Problems with hair fall

I’m a 15 year old male. My hairline has moved back and I don’t know what to do. It’s really difficult to hide.

I don’t find her attractive

Deep down I know that divorce should really be the last resort but can anyone in light of what I have disclosed advise me?