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Is it okay for a male to playfully slap the bottom of his teenage sister?

Is this type of touch between opposite-gendered siblings allowed in Islam? How much “skin touch” is allowed?

My fiance pressures me into physical relations

I am engaged to a guy I do not love, and he has pressured me to show him my body.

My husband wants to get back to me, but they think I am a victim of magic

I have recently separated from my husband about a year ago after 14 years I put my post one here and after that things were ok. But now my husband wants to get back together. He thinks I am possesed by a jinn I am not sure what to think because a few eids back things did happen and I can feel I am not the same. A molvi comes every evening for some “rukia bachaavan”

We love each other but he is not ready for a commitment

So it got physical like we didnt have sex, but just the act of intercourse was the only thing that didnt happen. He was fine even after, but when I said I wanted to be in a more proper relationship he started backing out because he has had bad breakup before and doesnt like commitment.

We had a physical relationship, are we still halal for each other?

My family engaged me with a girl. Both of us love each other. But we had physical relationship (zinaa) two times by mistake. May Allah forgive us and both of us promised God not to repeat this thing again. I want to ask that either both of us are Halal for each other after nikah?