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We had a physical relationship, are we still halal for each other?

My family engaged me with a girl. Both of us love each other. But we had physical relationship (zinaa) two times by mistake. May Allah forgive us and both of us promised God not to repeat this thing again. I want to ask that either both of us are Halal for each other after nikah?

Need strength to leave haram relationship

I have been involved in a relationship with a muslim boy for nearly a year now, I am muslim as well and we are both 22 years old. When I first met him I thought that he was going to be my future husband and so we started dating. I told him that I would never do anything physical with any guy unless he was my husband and he was fine with it. However now we have done stuff together and I hate myself because of it.

Love and sex before marriage

She told me that she does NOT want to have sex before marriage. But would it be OK if we did as we both know we are going to marry each other? oh and the other thing is that we have not had sex, but we do kiss and have slept in the same bed but not done anything, is that also wrong in islam?