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Need urgent advice on my marriage life

He beats me and has no respect for me… My family are putting pressure on me that if I do not give him a second chance I will be cursed by Allah.

I am not happy with my husband

My husband has made me lie to council and say I am a single mother… If he doesn’t physically hit me he will abuse me verbally.

Update on my situation!!!!

I was to go to the US embassy. Long story short I got caught… My mother is back on planning the wedding.

My mum disowned me!

She attacked me – my face was bleeding, my hand was bleeding… Is my mum justified for beating me like that and severing ties with me? I am her daughter and I wouldn’t ever do that to my own kids.

Abusive Husband

I have now told him that I cannot take anymore but he just laughs at me and tells me if I leave him he will kill me and the children, which I believe he is capable of. He has tried to rape me.

Marriage Complications

I am facing some drastic problem in my married life at this moment regarding both my first and second husbands.

Separated but might go back to husband?

I said to him I was pregnant and he said to me so what, kill it… I had a miscarriage… now, we have started talking and decided we want to give it another shot.

Can a married woman who is tortured physically and mentally by husband be accepted?

Her husband was a brutal minded person who restricted her always from offering namaz as he used to rape her forcibly…

Heading for divorce after my stepson attacked me

I am the only father he has known since he was eight years old. I told my wife that he has to leave. She demanded he is not going anywhere.

Being forced into marriage, but I love someone else

I got engaged and I only told that one friend who made me get into the relationship with my true love. I hate the guy I got engaged to; I never talked to him and I never thought this would happen. I never had and never will have any feelings for him because I love someone else and that someone else is not aware of all this.