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Can I divorce my husband who abuses me mentally and physically?

My husband abused me mentally and physically. He does not pray. I have the idea that he does not really believe, even if he says so.

Parents have never been good to us;I feel suffocated and stessed at home

Throughout our entire lives each of us amongst siblings, have suffered on his/her own part behind our parents’ behavior and wrong decisions+rigid attitude towards us. This has been happening with us since childhood and now that we’re all mature, things have gotten even worse.

Help – Incest father refuses my marriage to Quran Teacher

Dad would almost constantly try to get me to bed with him.. I would make Duah to ask Allah to protect me from him. Alhamdulillah my father was never successful. 6 months aago I met a brother online that ttaught Arabic… I was nervous about it.. But I tried it. Soon I fell in love with yhe teacher.. And he asked marry him. When my father found out.. He got very mad at me.

My parents hate me for converting to Islam; please help

I am 16 and I used to party and drink and not do well in school I was even close to having sex but I am so happy I never did that. I felt lost and alone. About 9 months ago I had to do research for school on Islam. After reading about it i felt like my heart open end up.