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Does piety count at all?

Alhamdulilah, I’ve abstained from drinking, smoking and casual dating, and have in fact always lived a pious life, but it seems to me that piety just doesn’t count at all. People look down on you, and there are high demands and expectations that sisters have. I mean in all that, where would pious men of limited means go? What will they do if sisters have so high standards and aren’t ready to compromise at all?

Who should I go for?

I decided to forget him, and planned on getting married to a sunnatic Muslim brother. After three months, I saw a Muslim brother and I liked him, and then he proposed to me. I accepted the proposal to get married to him, after which my former ex came back and asked me to reunite in halal way.

False claim of zina.

So my husband respects his friend a lot as he thinks that his friend knows everything due to his piety. One more thing, once my husband’s friend told something about our married life which was only known to me and my husband. Now last week he told my husband that I a having a relationship with some other guy and that I had sex with that guy.

Communicating with non mahram, to guide him in iman

I feel like guiding him to the straight path just like a sister. When he missed his prayers he felt strongly dissatisfied, but he is not realizing the cause of this dissatisfaction. I believe once his imaan is strong, he can guide his wife and children the same way and he would not even feel the need to chat with me.

My Girlfriend wants to become pious

My girlfriend wants to be a pious-woman but she doesn’t know how to be so. I told her “In every success whatever it like small or big give thanks to Omnipoten ALLAH. Thus a afflivity will be form in your heart adventitiously.”

My husband is not anymore the man I married

We met at a masjid and masha ALLAH he was on the deen, always studying Islam, Quran and hadiths and we use to have long conversations about Islam because we loved to talk about Islam. He was energetic and so pious masha ALLAH, he would lower his gaze automatically when other women come. We also had the same plans in life. I fell in love with him because of his deen, great character, his love for ALLAH and Islam. And not too long after I prayed Istikhara (I wanted to marry him). He ask me to marry him, I was so happy and I accepted and I made sure he knew that all that I want from him is to bring strong Islamic value to the table, he agreed.

If a woman does not wear a burqa, is she bad?

In my family, most of the women wear the burqa. When I was a teenager, they suddenly started forcing me to wear the burqa. They went to everyone’s house and said that I haven’t started wearing so I’m bad. I did not want to be forced into anything, I wished to accept it with my heart.

I have chosen this sister for her piety and beauty but my parents do not like her family’s status.

I have been introduced to a sister through a married friend. The sister’s family invited my family to come and see her. When I first saw her, she was beautiful mashAllah. I asked her a few questions about Islam and alhumdulillah I was really happy with the answers she gave me. She is a practicing sister, wearing hijaab, reciting Qur’an and going to Islamic courses and lectures. I have done istkaara and I have a good feeling about her that she will be a good wife for me, a good mother of my children and someone that will help me get to Jannah inshAllah. The problem is my parents do not like her family because of status.