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Fiancee/Lover Cheated on me! Help please!!

I am too broken and don’t know how to plan the wedding and keep her happy when she is now expecting me to be normal like before.

How can we persuade my parents to let us marry?

I’m serious about him but I am 16 and he is 19… But we are talking about future tense.

How do I prove myself to his parents?

We met on Facebook. I’m proud to say I’m now a Muslim thanks to him showing me Islam. I need help knowing how to impress his parents. What would you do if he was your son?

I had negative Istikhara and want to see it again

In this concern, first of all my friend brought a proposal of his niece to me, then the same night he saw a nightmare. Then he discussed to me and I said go through Istikhara and make discussions with your senior members of family. Then they did Istikhara in which they found the negative results. Not exactly they got the points of refusal but only they had some hints like bad smell, or fireball.