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He promised to marry me but married a lady who threatened to accuse him of rape

He says that the girl he has married under pressure is five years older then him and was a drug trafficker (which slipped from her tongue once) and probably was not a virgin (Allahu A’lam) I would have no problem to share my husband with a second woman as its allowed in islam but she is westernised hell, abusive, and i doubt her faithfulness.

Married at 11 to a 21 year old, who left me when I was 18

Salam. It is really hard for me to explain what has happened in my life since the age of 11, as I have never explained to anyone what I have been through before, but for you brothers and sisters giving me Islamic advice you need to understand the complexities of what i have experienced in my life from a young age. At the age of 11 when I was finishing primary school, my father brought a man into the house who was a Christian at the age of 21. My dad loves me more than anything in life, however during this introduction this man proclaimed that he had fallen in love with me and wanted to marry me regardless of my age, race and culture, as I am half Pakistani.

I snitched my relative to the police and I feel like a coward

Brother I have done sins and feel emotionally hurt. I can’t live with myself no more. I can’t look into my mums eyes no more. I have snitched my relative to the police which got him sent down for a few years and it has cost him a lot of money. Brother what shall I do? I can’t sleep no more.

Is it okay to marry a policeman?

Is it okay to work for the police in this country? I’m looking to get married and the person that im interested in works for the metropolitan police response team.