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Brother is sinning!

He is 11-12 years old. I have found bad websites and pictures on his phone.

Mild ED – Should I marry?

***This post relates to male sexual dysfunction.***

Forgiveness from Allah for major sins I committed in Ramadan

I watched porn sites with him… Suddenly one day I committed zina with him who is non-Muslim. I want to repent.

My husband is porn addict.

Feels like I am living with a heartless person. With no emotions. No fear of Allah.

I’m become homosexual

I was raped by my teacher when I was 14. I have been committing zina from that time with my different friends.

My husband is addicted to watching porn.

How do I handle this? It’s not the first time…

Husband committing zina of the eyes and watching horrific things

Some of what he has viewed is possibly child porn. I have a baby girl…

Bad situation for marriage

I have come to know my husband was fond of web cam sex, blue movies and I can’t imagine of what else. I’m nothing like that and very disappointed in him. I’m losing love and respect for him.

Recovering from Porn and Masturbation – CLOSED

Please pray to Allah for me.

I am ashamed of everything – CLOSED

I hate it but can’t do anything to stop it. This is eating my mind up so please help me.