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Is he a real Muslim man?

When our relationship ended, he twisted everything so that it was my fault that things had gone wrong, only because I said that I thought he was scamming me and he could not forgive me for what I had said to him. He was very horrible to me on a message, and called me a racist when I said that Muslim men are supposed to provide for their families. The strange thing is he also goes to pubs and nightclubs (although he does not drink), and chats to women on Facebook, which I did not think was accepted in Islam.

I want to marry her, but confused about accepting her past

she told me that she had spend couple of years with a muslim boy as his Girl friend. Both did sex many times. Later when she studied Islam & comes to know that its not allowed in Islam, she stopped him. & did TAWBAH. But still she likes him too much, both are in touch as friend only (no more sex).

He converted to Islam, can I marry him now?

I am muslim and follow the teachings of Islam. I fell in love with a boy who is non-muslim. Eventually he converted and is following and practicing the muslim religion too. He offers Namaz and also knows how to read Quran in arabic. He has read the english translated version of Quran as well.

I love a revert, but my parents want me marry a non-Religious man

I do not know what to do because I really want to marry this guy, but the guy my dad wants me to marry is some rich doctor that smokes. My mom does not want me to marry this revert because he is Filipino. She wants me to marry someone from the country, a Palestinian.

Should I inform my parents that I got married or should I wait?

During my stay to the middle east last year I met an Arab man with whom my entire life changed. I was more practising, commited and genuinely a better person than I’d ever been. His family accepted me, and we eventually got married without the permission of my parents.

Can I leave my mother after she lied to me about my father?

My parents have had an divorce when I was at the age of 9 . I have been living with my mother for 7 years with two other sibling and had no contact with my farther because of my mother, I had so much hatred built in my heart that I hated my father because what my mother had told me. so started building hatred for my father for the sake of my mother also to please in some sense.

Intending to Adopt/Foster a Child as per Islamic Sharee’ah

My husband and I are practicing muslims and professionals, looking for a child to adopt/foster as per islamic shariah

Are there any risks of Shia-Sunni Marriages?

I am a male Sunni Muslim, i live in france. I recently visited my county of origin. My parents wanted be to get wed, so we visited a few families. I saw a few females but none of them really caught my eye. But i was out shopping and i saw this pretty girl, that i liked physically. So i investigated and asked my parents to approch her, they went to her house and found out she is from a Shia family.

Non Muslim woman married to a Muslim man who is cheating her

I am a non Muslim but have been married to a Muslim for 17 yrs and have 3 beautiful children together. I have lived the lifestyle and respected the faith for my husband and my children as they are being brought up Muslim. I am a working mum and wife as is my husband.

I left Islam but reverted back and now I want to get married at the age of 43; is it too late?

I am a 43-year old single Muslim woman who lives in a country where the Muslims formed a minority group. As a result my social circle comprises mainly of non-Muslims and my partners have always been non-Muslims. I have also not always been a Muslim all my life. I have only come back to Islam, to being a Muslim this year. And I am wondering if I am too late to find a Muslim husband.