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Can a girl who prays marry a guy who doesn’t pray?

Is it permissible in any condition to marry a girl who pray 5 times to a person who don’t pray 5 times?

I have a medical condition; can I join my prayers?

I have abdominal pains too. my problem is I cannot pray outside my home because I spend much time in the bathroom and waste alot of water which is not good in Islam but I cannot help it because the urine would not flowing and I feel like urinating every time. All I ask is; can I join my zuhur, asr, magrib and isha prayers?

Worried about my first fajr prayer after the wedding night

Alhamdulillah I regurlarly offers fajr prayer with jama and my fiance is also a practicing muslim girl. I am worried that after making love in the wedding night I can take a ritual bath and can go for prayers?

Lost my virginity, I´ve been driven to suicide

I am a young 17 years old muslim, I always used to pray everyday 5 times but for I stop praying because I thought my deeds were going unnoticed and Allah didn´t care about me(I know at that time I was stupid) and soon after that I stopped wearing the scarf which now I deeply regret.

I liked a boy like every girl does and I really liked this boy but he broke up with me and I was deeply heartbroken.

I had facebook and allowed my close friend to go on it …

I want a baby but I can’t find a husband

I am 39 years old. I’ve been divorced nearly five years ago, ever since i have been asking Allah for another husband but my prayers are yet to be answered. I am really getting frustrated and depressed about the matter because I will be 40 in few months time and I want a baby.

I kissed my cousin & now he shows interest in other girls

My cousin and i fell in love and we used to be around each other all the time, we even kissed. Ever since he left all my work is going horribly wrong and i think Allah is punishing me for what i did. What should i do? Also although he is a really nice guy but recently he has been showing interest in other girls although he says that they are just friends and the spark in our love is also dying.

Why do my prayers not get fulfilled?


There are 5 duas I’m begging ALLAH to get them fulfilled khair o afiat.

But its not happening… my patience level is getting exceeded.

How long does Allah take to hear us if we are true from heart?

There is a guy I am in love like forever. For some trivial reasons we got was from his side & he is adamant not to come back even though he loves me as much as I do.

In my every prayer when I pray for all of my known & unknown faces..I want the only thing that is, even if he is not the right one for me. May Allah makes him understand how much we belong to each other & he comes back before it is too late.