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My parents practice Islam, but they don’t read the five daily salah – how can I pray in secret?

Should I read my salah in secret, as I’ve been trying to do? Or should I try and explain this to my parents… and, if so, how exactly would I go about doing this?

I am following Islam in secret and my parents are strongly against Islam

I came to know about Islam when I transferred to a Muslim school 3 years ago. Now I’m in my last year of school and acknowledged that Islam is the true religion when I was 16. But my parents (hindus) are against Islam, especially my mother. I still haven’t revealed that I’m following Islam, but I’m following it in secrecy but not fully.

I am not a Muslim but I used to offer the 5 prayers, until my parents discovered

I’m a non muslim ,but i used to do namaz and pray to ALLAH (subhana wa ta aala) since i love ALLAH (subhana wa ta aala) a lot and lot. My parents dont know that i used to do namaz and all. But now they found out and getting angry with me.