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Praying to Allah to marry a girl

It’s my wish. I never wanted anything so bad.

Power of dua

Can someone make dua that Allah makes something or someone best for him and put that thing or person in his qadr?

Not Praying Salah – 14 Year Old

My mother couldn’t teach me… I’m too embarrassed to ask anyone because they will make fun of me.

Confused about my identity as a Muslim

I’m afraid I’ll go to hell for not obeying as much as I should.

A victim of anxiety, depression and loneliness.

I became suicidal… I feel that everyone around me is fake.

When to stop making dua?

I have been making the same dua for months now with no progress…

I want to change myself

I am now a 14 year old girl… I don’t deserve to be called a Muslim…

Please tell me how…

I do not know how to pray… I do not know where to start!

Dream meaning about girl praying like men.

We think she is eligible for my brother… what does this dream mean?

Can anyone pray for a life partner?

I didn’t talk to that guy just want help from Allah in a jaiz way of nikah and nothing else.