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Does Islam permit marriage with a transgender woman?

What is the ruling for possibly marrying/having sexual relations with a transgendered woman? I have never had any sort of luck with women in the past. Every girl I asked out on a date for coffee or something has rejected me. So this is the first girl I am with.


Its haram to chat to a girl before marriage

I am in a relationship with a girl for 6 years and our parents has been accepted our relationship but because my careers my parents delaying the marrige. But she is hard to love me and she wants marriage as soon as possible but I am helpless and to satisfy her some times we used to talk in late night and that talk may reaches to her feelings.

We fight every day, should I continue the relationship?

As you can read the Title of the post, its about the fact that I am questioning myself if I should continue this affair/word given I have with this young lady. As I have read in before posts from other Muslim brothers and sisters when you intend to marry someone look for the woman that will help you reach higher places in the Islam, so a lady with attention to her Deen. But is it also wrong for me if I have certain expectations such as looks, body size and etc?

Need strength to leave haram relationship

I have been involved in a relationship with a muslim boy for nearly a year now, I am muslim as well and we are both 22 years old. When I first met him I thought that he was going to be my future husband and so we started dating. I told him that I would never do anything physical with any guy unless he was my husband and he was fine with it. However now we have done stuff together and I hate myself because of it.

His parents refuse to allow a “love marriage”

I am muslim girl from good family. I met a muslim guy in my office and we fall in love with each other. His parents are not ready to meet or talk to me, or my parents. They don’t want even see to me. They don’t want a love marriage.

I’m planning to marry my boyfriend when I’m eight months pregnant. Does Islam allow this?

I’m seven months pregnant and me and my boyfriend planning to get married when I’m eight months pregnant. But my brother and father said according in our Islam religion a girl cannot get married once the baby has been fully formed in her stomach.