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My 16 year old sister is having sexual relationship with her boyfriend

She steals… ran away… blackmails us. My family is falling apart because of her.

Want to marry a revert but family won’t accept..

My family won’t accept it due to culture and what other people would think! What do I do?

I want to marry a lady who is divorced

I need opinion to convince my parents. I have been told by her to ask my parents to go and see her.

Am I being trapped by my ego?

I know this is the test Allah has promised the people who say “We believe” so please tell me what am I doing wrong? Am I not trusting Him enough?

Daughter dating a white non-Muslim – what should we do?

She was with a boy who is not Muslim he is white. She says she wants a boyfriend and doesn’t care if he is Muslim or not. What should I do?

If my parents won’t let us marry, are they responsible if we commit zina?

If my boyfriend and I somehow have sex or even just show off our bodies will our parents be responsible for this? If parents do not allow their children to marry, who will be responsible if they commit zina?

Relationship before Marriage and semi-nude pictures

I’ve no idea what to do, how to repent and I’m scared of Allah not forgiving me. When I get married, do I tell my husband?

My girlfriend threatens suicide if I don’t marry her

I said that I love her too but don’t promise marrying her. Now she threatens to commit suicide if I don’t marry her. Whenever I leave her she cuts herself and sends me pics in which her hand, arm etc are cut.

I love a non-Muslim man

He has brought me closer to my deen. But he is not a Muslim… he is a Christian who accepts all religions. Only he can give me the happiness and the respect that no one else can.

Family against our Love

Please please answer my problem i dnt knw what to do i am not able to concentrate on anythng i stopped eating i use to sleep alot but now i cant sleep whole day and night i stay awake. I love my cousin and he also loves me we use to talk on phone and chat most of the time we didnt commit any sin Alhamdulillah other than talking with each other.