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He Loves Me, But Does he Really Intend to Marry Me?

I have done something awful. And I repent every day in my namaaz for it. I was with a guy for 7 years. We was about to get married next year as he is my fiancee at the moment. Both famillies are happy with this and have agreed. However he cheated on me 3 years […]

I am a Catholic, and my Muslim boyfriend has been punished by Allah because we committed Zina

I am a Catholic woman with an Islamic boyfriend. We have been secretly together for 2 years. His friends know about me but he has to hide our relationship from his family as they do not accept me as I am not Muslim and not from the same culture. He made plans to come to my country at the beginning of next year (2013) so that we can be together all the time and start our life together.

A Muslim man is the father of my new born baby, who now ignores us

I met a Muslim man from Afghanistan and we started seeing each other and fell in love. I will call him “Fred”. I have never met Fred’s family and he has never met mine. Four Months into our relationship I became pregnant. I was happy, but nervous and scared because we hadn’t been together very long and I wasn’t sure how Fred would react.

Family preventing marriage due to class

I am guy from Pakistan. I met a girl and fell in love with her. We start talking to each other on the phone and met secretly few times. After 3 months I realised that it’s haram to have relationship with a women so I decided to marry her.

I feel lost, hurt, desperate, empty; heartbroken in Dubai. How do I convince her?

I know with all my being that this beautiful but incredibly stubborn woman is in love with me still, but I am heart-broken. I wanted a life with her, marriage and family but she is running away from being in love – what can I do? How can I prove to her that I can and want all of it? Friends have said wait and see she may realise her mistake, but it’s killing me slowly every day.

I am in an relationship but not dating or in a physical contact. Is it right?

We don’t date or anything but, the thing which keeps bugging me is that I don’t like sending him my pictures. However, I can;t tell him this and I am afraid that Allah will not be pleased by this act of mine :(. Please make du’aa for me and him that Allah gives us guidance and let us be on the right path and give me and him Hidayat.

How can I remove my past relationship from my mind?

Actually my problem is that i am a Muslim girl and was in relationship with Hindu guy. At that time i don’t know that this is a very wrong, but as i grow up and come to know that what all i am doing is so worse. I break my relationship…

We want to get married but she doesnt have the courage to tell her parents

Okay basically i have been with a girl for 3 years. We both are aware of the fact that it was haram from the beginning but we have committed zina and we both regret it…

Should I marry him or leave him? I feel guilty for playing with him

My Problem starts at the age of eighteen years. I belong from a muslim family having a good background and mother was very religious. Father was not so much into islam. I was having freedom and was brought up in a free atmosphere. When I was in eleventh class I made a online friend who was hindu..

Feel so betrayed about his past relationship

I am with a guy that has revealed to me that he has an ex who has had his child. He claims to not want nothing to do with this ex or this child as he was not given a choice as to whether he wanted this baby, and she is not muslim. I am meant to marry this guy and its eating me up inside knowing that somewhere out there is a child that is his.