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Money over Marriage?

His family is eager but were waiting for me as my father wanted me to have a job first.

I want a physical relationship with my boyfriend now.

I am interested in kissing with my boyfriend… I cannot wait long years.

Committed Zina with the boy who insulted and abandoned me

So one day i left him because if i were still with him i would be committing great sins. He became miserable and at the end he insulted and abused me and hurt me a lot. I don’t care about the insult but i m scared that he was already far away from ALLAH.

Buddhist girl in love with Muslim half-uncle; how to break this to parents and convince them?

I love my parents so much, and I love him too. If my parents ask me to choose between him or them, I won’t choose because I really love both of them. What should I do then? Is this a sin? How should I explain and tell my parents about this now? I feel like dying for keeping secret. Can we be together?

How to deal with my wicked sister?

I tried to tolerate everything until matters get worse when she tried to harm me physically. Yes, my own sister did so. I didn’t do anything wrong in my life. Almost one year ago when i was sleeping she tried to do wrong things to me secretly but i woke up and managed to escape and avoid her.

I feel like a bad husband due to my past actions

I feel soo sorry for my wife that she did not get a virgin man. I never deserved her in the first place. Even when sinning, I felt really guilty and would repent but then I would fall into the same trap again and the cycle would just go on and on.

Should a women disclose her past and is it justified/reasonable for potential husband to ask/know?

Am I correct in feeling and thinking this way? Or does the fact that I am sorry and have sincerely repented in a way undo what I have done? Should men respect a women’s answer when she says her past is her business and she won’t tell him and do women have a right to this?

His parents won’t let him marry me, I’m at my wit’s end

I keep crying and praying to Allah to make them change their minds. Or to make me forget and heal. But my heart and mind both seem set on not giving up on this. I believe in my heart of hearts, that his parents have just misunderstood the entire situation and because of the aalim not being honest with them about it not being validated to perform Istikhara for others has made everything much more complex.

Should I forget him after he used and took my virginity?

One day he told me that he is no longer be interested in dating again. I was confused, I asked GOD for forgiveness and I can’t do without thinking of him.

Lied to fiance/future husband and lost his trust!

Full honesty is the only policy I will live by now and he doesn’t believe that. I don’t know what to do! He doesn’t trust me and I need to find a way to get him to see I’m honest with him.This is the man I want to marry inshaAllah. I’ve looked for answers in the Quran and hadith but I’ve come across nothing. Help?