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Should I marry her or not?

I want to marry her with 100% acceptance. She also wants to but the memories he had given her, and I have not… are still stopping her.

Marriage Proposal Dilemma

The last proposal I received was from a man who has qualities most women would want in a husband mashallah. The HUGE catch (for me) is that he studied in America for 6 years and during those 6 years he lived with a non-Muslim girlfriend he met there for almost one year and had a sexual relationship with her during that time.

Will he be able to forgive me and give me a second chance?

Do you think he might be able to forgive me? Should I try to call him and explain myself? Also, do you think he ever really loved me, or was it just for a sexual experience? Please help. I know I made a big mistake. I cant change the past but I can repent for my sins and try to be a better person.

Wife left me and took our child with her, I want to leave her but not my son. Please help.

She argues with me, she replied every word I have said to her. She has very big support of her family. Whenever I feel something right for her in our relation she argues with me and calls her family and they insults me in my decision. But all that does not matter to her in any ways. As time is passed I don’t want to live with her any more I need my child because I don’t want him to live with them all.