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Unable to control my urges

I’m on the verge of breaking down and I can’t seem to stop from committing this sin.

I regret what I have done but I still love my girl

Should I force her to marry me because I believe marrying some other girl is like cheating that girl. Or should I tell the other guy who she’s in relationship everything and ask him to leave?

Ashamed of my past

Am I going to hell? Should I start praying? I do not know much but I know what I did in life wasn’t right.

How can I find happiness?

Committed Zina, Depressed and Unhappy, Suicidal Thoughts… Allah will never forgive me. Help me please!

My fiance forces me to do cyber and phone sex

He forced me to do phone sex and wanted me to initiate or invite him for it… He was angry at me. He said that you don’t have any sexual feelings, what kind of woman you are…

Is our generation becoming more open-minded about sex and dating?

I’m a non-Muslim guy, in a relationship with a Muslim girl – I’ve met her mom, she knows and approves. We are not the only ones doing this; A lot of young people are dating and exploring their body/sexual feelings.

Losing the marriage after zina

Suddenly he said his parents do not agree, but before saying this (about 10 days ago) we met. Even though we only met twice in this whole 1 year, the last time we met we committed zina/sex because we thought we would be marrying. I know we commited a sin, and since then I’m seeking forgivness from Allah.

Will he reject me now he knows I’m not a virgin?

This man doesn’t deserve someone that isn’t a virgin. I told him that I am not a virgin hoping if he heard my story he would understand. If he doesn’t accept me, how am I supposed to end this without my family being devastated? Will this one mistake determine my nasib every time I speak the truth when I get a proposal?

Should I consider his request of second marriage?

I was a virgin before I met this man, and honestly believed I would end up marrying him so I commited zina with him. Because of this I found it very difficult to let go and accept the situation of him lying, treating me badly and leaving me. I knew I should have cut all ties with him. I asked Allah to forgive me for all the wrongs I did during our relationship, however I still feel I need him in my life and cannot seem to forget and move on.

She’s cheating on me, but promised to stop

I am really committed to a girl. We had sex, but she is having contact with some other boys also- I mean love affairs. I caught it, but now she is saying she has stopped all those and loves me only. Yet she is keeping distance from me also. What should I do now? -Rasheed