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I really love her, she is not practicing, can I change her? Should I marry her?

I felt I’ll never find someone like her again, but her lack of faith and practicing in Islam really scares me. Is there any chance in marrying her and guiding her on to the right path?

Muslim boyfriend is giving me mixed signals


I have a Muslim male friend and I would like to be more serious about him. We are talking for half a year via skype. Last month he decided to visit his family. He asked me if I would be sad if he got engaged with another girl which his mum prepared for him there and he havent ever seen her. I considered it a good joke and teased her.

If I get married in an “urfi” marriage, can I marry the same man in a few years (with my parents involved) without a divorce?

I am 17 years old and my partner is 20 and we are planning on getting married without my parents knowing. I know many people would think that love is premature at this age, and that is very true in most cases…