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I want to study and my boyfriend’s family want us to marry

I’m 18, I’ve known my boyfriend for 5 years but we starting dating 2 years ago. Everything was fine until his parents started pressuring me and him to do nikah.

I can’t make a decision about this proposal

A few months back I was asked by my sister how I would feel about getting engaged to the middle son of my aunt, Z. At first I was angry at the fact that how could my family think of such a thing at the same time bringing us up together so my reaction was a No, I was really upset at that time.

A Man Was Forced to Marry – Is it Valid?

I get this question about being “forced to marry” all the time, and I just want to say to people, “Take resonsibility for your own lives. Take responsibilty for your own decisions. I am addressing men in particular. If your parents pressured you by saying, “If you don’t marry her, we’ll kick you out of the house,” so you married her, well, you had a choice and you made a decision.