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Pressured into marrying a woman I do not love

It has been 30 days since then I am living like in hell. I do not find my wife attractive. I avoid her all the time.

My mother got me married without my consent

She agreed when I didn’t give my consent. He can’t go back as his visa will expire. I don’t want to stay in Pakistan and the way he is has made me hate him. My dad is not speaking to me. I no longer want to be in this marriage.

I can’t get over the last four years, I feel like I ruined my life

I have loved someone for a very long time, at first it didn’t matter that he wasn’t a Muslim because I myself wasn’t practising, but as time went by things started to become difficult. My family wanted me to get married and they started putting a lot of pressure on me to get married to a point when they sat me down and told me if I did not get married they would disown me!

All parties unhappy in this forced marriage situation

I was seeing a guy from past three years and we have made our minds that we will get married. We have talked to our parents also, the guy’s parents (uncle and aunt) agreed and he formally proposed me for marriage to which I agreed, he was outside country and during that time his aunt arranged his marriage with the daughter of his brother.

Don’t want to marry him but family is pressuring me

I am in a major dilemma at the moment and am extremely confused as to what to do, I would like some advice. I am a 19 year old female who was ‘engaged’ two weeks after my 15th birthday due to a lot of pressure from a lot of proposals.