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Forced nikah and now I feel suicidal

To me I’d rather die than live with him.  No amount of time will heal that. I don’t want to be raped by him and I think to end this will help us both move on with our lives quicker.

Traumatized and depressed by my mother and my husband’s ‘love’

I was pressured into marriage to a man who won’t let me study or work. He gives me no money, and turned my family against me.

I don’t like him but my parents are forcing me to marry him

I said YES in haste as I was too attracted to his good family status and all that but after few days I realized, it’s wrong. This person has done wrong to me and I am not willing to sacrifice anything for him.

I was pressured to marry my cousin but he does not love me

I was pressured to marry my cousin. All my objections were ignored. Now I found out he is still in love with another girl, and he says he wants to marry her.