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Is feeling proud a sin?

I cannot resist these feelings of pride in my mind.


dua for admission to med school

I remember I used to be proud of myself that I was good at school, but I know the truth and I see no future in myself anymore. Those who did not like school have gone further than me, but I never gave up hope. I cried myself to sleep every night and sometimes now also, but I know that Allah hears.

Parent’s Preventing Marriage because of Caste

I am in a situation in which many people be in. I’m am in love with a guy who is from a different caste, I only speak to him over the phone and via text. I was hoping my family would agree and let me marry him I had told my family but the outcome was totally diffrent. Every one reacted really bad and went totally against it. The guy was prepared to meet my family but they dont even want to see him or his parents for the single reason of him being from a different caste….