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Lying, drug-using husband wants me to move to Iraq

i have been married to my husband for 6 years and it has been an awful marriage. He was a failed asylum seeker from Iraq.

Ramadan prep and support for Muslim inmate

Would you have any suggestions for this brother so that he may be able to maintain his daily fast?

My husband has been incarcerated for 14 years, I can’t wait anymore

My husband has been incarcerated for over 14 yrs now and I find myself needing him intimately more than ever. i am struggling with my inner body to not cheat but as a woman i am needing intimacy more than ever. what do i do i dont want to divorce him and we don’t know for sure how much longer he has. i don’t want to commit sins either. inshallah someone help me!

He’s incarcerated, but I feel as though he was made for me

I met this guy who is currently incarcerated. However I feel as though he was created for me. He has brought me ten times closer to Allah and I am ready to marry him. What should I do?

I have committed adultery twice and now I am divorced, can we marry again?

I cheated on my husband and now we are divorced but we want to get married again. Can we do that?