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Zina will cause my family’s humiliation if I get married

I had a physical relation in the past. My family wants to marry me off… but my husband will know because of my private parts. I don’t want to cause my family’s humiliation.

Needing guidance

Both of us showed our private parts… Tell me the kufara?

I am in a very critical situation

In love with a Muslim girl, together for too long but committed sins and want repentance and a solution?

Almost suicidal because of problem with private parts

**Editor’s note: This question relates to a problem with male private parts.**

I sent him pictures – I feel so guilty!

I cannot get this thought out of my head, I wish I was dead sometimes even though I know suicide is a sin.

Concerned about my small private parts – CLOSED

[Editor’s note: This post relates to male private parts. Please observe Islamic limits when viewing and replying.]

I exposed myself online

A person recorded it and threatened to send that clip to all my contacts if I didn’t send him money… I immediately blocked and deleted him. I have been so distressed since that incident…

Can I massage my private parts to make them grow?

I am a 13 year old boy who has hit puberty.

Concerned about my private parts…

[Editor’s note: Please be aware that this question relates to male sexual health. Please observe appropriate limits.]