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I ended our relationship but he won’t leave me alone!

He asks my friends to tell me to contact him. He comes near my college and wait for me.

Ex situation and jealousy of his new gf

There is a huge difference between my ex and my soon to be husband. I can clearly tell who respects me more. I dont know why i get jealous of his gf still.

Should I take my ex-fiance back into my life?

He has messaged me again asking forgiveness and wants to make things work with me. And he says he will truthful to me. I don’t know what to do. I still feel my heart is attached to him.

My ex-boyfriend is blackmailing me…

He is blackmailing me that he will upload my pics in internet. And I’m scared that my parents and relatives would see it and they will kill me.

Separated for 2 years

We have been separated for 2 years but he has not said he has divorced me…

Wanting to marry him and make it official

I am very confused, he tells me he want to be with me but I don’t know if he still in contact with her.

I’m scared of losing my life I have built

I have my own family now and have moved on but it’s seems my past is following me. Sometimes I cry cause feeling so sad and can’t tell my husband cause it’ll cause problems in my marriage.

Will his curse affect me?

He is cursing me. I left him due to fear of Allah, so does the curse affect me?

My ex-boyfriend is threatening me

Please help me and tell me how should I stop him from ruining my life and telling my parents about what I have done.

I don’t trust my ex and his girlfriend with our son

My son is turning four this year and his father wants to take him to the state where he lives with his new girlfriend… I fear my only child being a kafir or a hypocrite like his father.