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Should I marry my Pakistani Muslim boyfriend?

Is this a small price to pay to spend my life with the man I love? He thinks I am making a big deal for nothing, but I am very aware that this decision is for life.

Do I need to call off my marriage?

As a wife, don’t i have the right to ask for a separate home? Am i selfish for willing to live a happy life with my husband? Should i call off this marriage?

I am very sad and upset because of family

At night I suddenly wake up, can’t sleep, I only think why, why, why I am treated like this?

Cheating husband and unsupportive in-laws

He’s cheating again. I can’t stay this time but feel guilty for leaving too because of the kids. I’ve told his family but they side with him.

False accusations…

We accused my sister in law of running away from our house… only to keep her away to protect remaining family.

My husband and in-laws are still treating me badly…

He’s turned this marriage into a joke. I just cry and cry myself to sleep sometimes due to my bodily pain and sometimes because of his beaviour.

Why is it haram if we love each other?

Nothing in my Christian faith says that I can not marry the woman I love, why is it such a horrible thing in Islam for us to be together?

In laws creating problems between me and my husband

Day by day my husband treating me bad, doing every thing what I dislike, talking like non believers. Stop speaking for 1-2 weeks for any simple reason… I want to save my marriage because of my daughter.

Lies about me

It has been very hard year for me – my husband family have been abusing me and making lies about me.

Mother in-law wants to move in

I love my husband and and I respect his mother, but there is just no way that I want to cram her into my life and one bedroom apartment.