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Marriage problem

I am not happy with my husband and my inlaws were never kind with me.

I would love him to express his feelings.

As I am a housewife, I wait for him to come from office.When he comes, he just comes for 5 min, then he leaves the room, … Sometimes it seems that there are some magnetic forces that are attracting him to come outside.

Since last 2 years, my wife is not talking to me.

Since last 2 years, my wife is not talking to me. I tried to talk to her by calling her at her place many times but her parents abuse me and thn keep the phone.

My mother in law is creating problems between us.

I live out of country with my in laws been married for 6 years with no children, last month we came to *** and due to a minor misunderstanding my husband divorced me once …

My sister in law is driving me crazy

I got married 3 months ago, moved in with my inlaws, mom and dad in law, who I love and get along with very well. My sister in law who has a son and a baby on the way, move in with us, they live in the room across from me… in one room