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Feeling depressed and suicidal

My insurance got cancelled… It is really stressing me out.

A Close same-sex friend of mine likes me

A friend told me she had a crush on me… The news spread like wildfire, everyone thought we were together.

Answer of istakhara

I want to know the answer of istakhara that I requested my aunty. She is very religious woman.

Me and my cousin would like to get married but there’s a problem, help please?.

We have liked each other for quite a while, we are in love and there is no other person like her anywhere.

My mum is cheating on my dad

I really don’t know what to do and cannot take it anymore, I try to forget but I can’t, every time I see my mums face, I know what’s going on and it hurts so much.

Lots of problem since leaving university

Even though I pray my namaz, make duaa and do what I can… I still feel like no-one understands what I’m going through, depressed, lonely and that everyone is doing better than me.

Hurt and problems everywhere

ALLAH must be angry with our family. There is not a single happiness left.

Alone and don’t know what to do

I know the purpose of life is to worship Allah SWT, and I do my prayers. But i dont know where is my rizq, where i should live, how and what should i do.

Family drama won’t let me get married

I hold the highest regards for my parents, all my life my decisions revolved around them, and now that I want something for myself I can’t go after it…?

My parents won’t let me wear hijab?!

My father says it’s oppressive.. My mother tells me it’s dangerous.. My siblings make fun of me.