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I’m losing my mind about my husband’s double standards

Do I deserve what I am going through? Am I a complete failure to Allah?

Premarital relationships

When we were together we used to talk about intimate things and other things. But after the break up he only talked to me about sex and I felt so disrespected and guilty.

My mother made me promise not to contact him

We became more than friends. For about a year we were together but then my mother found out.

Forgiveness for zina

How He (Allah) will forgive me I hurt him a lot… I am scared that God will give me punishment in this world badly..

Tawbah and Promises

I would respect if I get answer only from a proper person rather than normal people whose comments sometimes increase the anxiety already built.

Are walahis valid for haram acts?

He said we have to do zina now as breaking a walahi is a bigger sin…

I masturbate, then promise not to, then break it again!

I’m a 15 year old male. My habit of masturbating started at a very young age, at which time I didn’t know it was wrong. I continued for years, and eventually it became a habit. Last year, I felt bad and did some searches and got to know it was haraam. Now I try to control […]

We’ve had a baby & he keeps promising to marry me, but won’t

I was raised Catholic, converted to Islam for my “fake” husband. I have known him for years, and actually divorced my previous husband for him. I have 2 kids from that marriage, he first said he never wanted kids so I kept breaking up with him and he kept pursuing me. He promised to marry me and wanted a baby. I got pregnant and we all moved in together when the baby was born.

I Promised Allah about wearing the Niqab, but my parents don’t want me to do so

I promised Allah that I would wear the Niqab because Allah is my reason to be who I’m today. But my parents don’t want me to wear it. Even though some people said that the Niqab is not required, I still want to wear it because our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) wives were wearing it.

He made promises and then left me, I need help in dealing with it.

We were committed to each other. Mostly talking generally, not about anything ‘wrong’ but we did confess that we loved each other and talked about marriage and kids. He told me I meant the world to him and everything would be fine.