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He took an oath on the Quran to never touch me sexually, but now we’re in love & want to marry

He is married and I have been talking to him for 2 yrs. We respect each other nothing sexually happened between us. I know his children and his wife. She doesn’t like me because I help him alot and she thinks that something is going on between him and me. She made him swear over the Quran that he will not touch me sexually and that he looks at me like part of the family.

Swearing by the Quran

If for the sake of keeping a good realtionship some one asks you to swear on the Quran that you have not done something, and out of fear of breaking your relationship you swear falsely on the Quran but then seek forgivness to Allah Tallah and pay some sadqa a nd so on, is it ok or no?