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Distribution of Property?

My father died, leaving five children. How do we divide his property?

Brother and sister sharing property

My sister has inherited land and I want to build a house over her land with mutual understanding.

Inheritance-does my brother deserve it??

Do my parents have an obligation according to Islam?


My father had no will nor instructed me to distribute it in a certain way…

What should we do?

We had been planning to build a house. But my grandmother did istikhara and it was negative.

Distribution of inheritance

My father bought the land and constructed the house, but the house is in the name of my elder brother.

Property problem

My parents have a property problem… What is solution under sharia law?

Property division in a difficult situation

I have a long property matter and I am in big tension – kindly give me advice.

Property inheritance as per Sharia law

Can you advise what will be my mother’s share, my sisters’ share and my share as per shariah?

What are my rights in divorcing my Christian husband?


I am married to a man who basically converted to Islam just so as to marry me, but he has never practised Islam, and even admits to have only converted just to marry me, he is Christian.