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Seeking guidance about proposals

One proposal is Shia and I am Sunni .. I am more inclined towards this guy but I am worried about the family issues and also lifelong problems.

Engaged in childhood, now there are family problems… should I wait for him?

My dad has never talked to me that I am engaged to my cousin and in our culture girl’s willingness is not considered very necessary unfortunately.. But through my mom I came to know this all.

Dreams about marriage proposals

Do these dreams mean anything?

Should I lower my expectations and get married? What if I am never happy?

Should i really just get over myself and lower my expectations and get married to him? I keep thinking yes that i have to. But then i think what is the point of girls struggling so much, getting such high education, struggling to get competitive jobs, when at the end of the day they just have to lower their expectations and just settle.

Her parents refused my proposal, how can I convince them?

Her father is not that easy to talk to & they do consider castes unfortunately, and sadly we are not the same castes. Many question answer on the caste issue but I couldn’t find anywhere it explains how she should talk to her parents.

Will I ever find the one?

I am a 22 year old arab girl Who hasn’t even received any marriage proposals from anyone. I feel very worried, alone and distressed. I often feel hopeless I’m not sure on what to do. I do not ever want to approach a man I prefer a man to approach me, but that isn’t happening.

None of my proposals materialise

I am writing in today as I have started feeling incredibly low again, I just feel as though life is full of CONSTANT hurdles and I keep losing motivation. I know I should be grateful to Allah swt for everything I have, but I have been dying for one particular happiness for a long while now but despite my efforts I am not seeing any results. I had a horrible expereince when I first set out to find a suitable spouse and it traumatised me, it took me a long while to recover from it but I have.

Her father refused engagement after negative istikhara

I need help, a friend of mine was supposed to be engaged to a guy (she knows him from work) and according to what she had told me, she performed the Istikhara many times (when the guy told her he wants to marry her) , and it was positive…

Should I give up my dreams to settle down?

Although we have been trying for 3 years, my family has not received any suitable (or likeable) proposal so far. I am sometimes told that I should just get married as the future proposals may be worse.

I am divorced and am having difficulty finding a good wife, any duas?

I got married about 3 years ago, but unfortunately, the marriage lasted only for 6 months and ended in a divorce (Talaq). My ex-wife never loved me or gave me respect, was forced into marriage by her father..