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I feel that I lied to my mother

I have proposed to a girl…. I see no reason why this girl should be penalised for what her own mother has done in the past.

He won’t propose marriage, says to depend on fate

He’s afraid to tell his parents about us, so wants to leave it to Allah now. He says it is out of his hands and we should depend on fate.

Forgiving her past and accepting her for who she is

Are there any strong brothers who are okay with marrying such a person? Is there a way to completely eradicate the thoughts of her past misdeed from my head?

Relation in Turmoil

She asked her friend to do Istekhaara and that came out wrong… so in the light of that, she texted me that marriage cannot happen as a istekhaara came out this way.

Marriage and problems with parents

My mum said that I should wait and finish my studies and just meet him and see how it goes, but they are making me choose between doing the right thing and marrying this guy and my studies…

Islamic marriage between a Libyan girl and an American man

We have been talking about a future and marriage. But she is Libyan, and when she spoke about marrying a non Libyan to her mother, she was told that’s not what full Libyans do.

Marriage proposals… what to do?

May Allah save me from the haram.

I know she’s committing zina elsewhere

I saw a dream that she is getting married with me. Should I follow dream or not?

Wanting to marry him and make it official

I am very confused, he tells me he want to be with me but I don’t know if he still in contact with her.

Can I marry this woman?

I called her sister and she called me brother. But after two years I have realized that she is the girl perfect for me.