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Islamic marriage between a Libyan girl and an American man

We have been talking about a future and marriage. But she is Libyan, and when she spoke about marrying a non Libyan to her mother, she was told that’s not what full Libyans do.

I know she’s committing zina elsewhere

I saw a dream that she is getting married with me. Should I follow dream or not?

I love my cousin but he doesn’t know

He does not know about my feeling. I am afraid I may never tell a word to him. We do not meet often as we live in different parts of the world. We do not even have phone or online communication. I think of him everyday.

Writing to the man who my mum wants me to marry

I do not have any particular feelings for him… I will marry wherever my parents will ask me to. My mum says I should mail him once in a while and in this way keep in touch. Once in a month I mail him, he sometimes replies and is very decent, but now I have started feeling it’s wrong to be sending mails like this.

Getting married to someone from a different culture

Please tell me if I should go ahead with proposing for marriage through her parents, even though my parents right now won’t accept it? I have spent all my life praying to Allah to bless me with a Muslimah wife like her.

Are Shiaa and Sunni Muslim Marriages allowed in Islam?

My question is that one of my class fellow want to propose to me and he belongs to Shiaa firka. I am Muslim and not belongs to Shiaa. Is this type of marriages allowed in islam? Kindly give me logics so that I can give a solid answer to that boy as I am not interested in him but at the same time i do not want to break his heart.