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I used to do zina but intend to repent

Being in a state of callousness and ignorance thinking that zina is not unforgivable (to be honest, I was just kind of uncaring and just wanted to satisfy my carnal desires/curiosity). Anyway, I visited a prostitute twice, the first time after which I felt shameful, having lost my virginity that way, and I went on for 1 month or two before I went on to another.

Former fiance is dealing drugs and I think his friend is pimping – should I go to the police?

He was always going on and on about how important it is to do as God says and that he is a good, clean-living Muslim. But as we got to know each other, cracks would very soon appear in his behaviour to show me that he was just that, too good to be true. Chain smoking, some drunkenness, use of cannabis, very lazy, not willing to seek a job, he began to criticise me, insulting my body, calling me terrible names, zina of other woman on the street, pornography and dating sites.