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Husband is extremely verbally abusive, is it my fault?

I have tried to speak with him in calmer times to explain that his behaviour of getting angry over minuscule things then blaming me for his vile language is a classic example of verbal and emotional abuse, and suggested we look into counselling or advice from any Imam, Sheikh, scholar etc that he feels comfortable to speak with, but he refuses.

My marrige is ruining

This was a bad dream for me.

Verbal abuse and bad behaviour of wife towards husband and his family

It’s very humiliating for my family and they have asked me to leave this relationship but she does not want leave.

Should I leave this relationship?

I’ve realized he hasn’t changed… I don’t know what to do, he made me so weak I’m unable to take decision that what should I do?

How can my sister and I escape our father?

With every day he gets more violent… He has threatened to sell her, to take out her eyes and ears, to disable her so that she will suffer for her entire life.

Abusive and Unhappy Relationship

I constantly think of when I married my wife. How I wish that I had that time again and I would have chosen differently… For me now there is no way out…

husband doesn’t care about my feelings

My self esteem is hurt too much. All he has given me is the feeling that I’m worthless, and he has shattered my self confidence. He has also said to his mother that he wants to marry again, but his mother admonished him by telling him to try to live happily with me and not to do another marriage. Now I’m thinking that my future is not safe, and he can marry. This thought is continuously irritating me.

My mother-in-law making my life hell!

She expects me to not go to school, not go to my family, not go out with my husband… To wake up, make food for her, clean for her and have babies so that she has something to do with her day!

Considering suicide… Is it the only way out of this mess?

Suicide is the only solution for me. I know it’s haram… but I can’t find any other solution.

I can’t make my own choices

A while ago I met a non muslim girl who I befriended and we got along very nicely. Through me she got to know about Islam and she took real liking to it. After a while she said she would convert and we both wanted to get married. Her parents did not want her to convert, but left it to her to decide. convinced her dad that we shouldn’t get married.