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How to get more pious?

I want to perform all the 5 t times prayer along with tahajjud every day. How do I get better?

I am possessed by male jinn

I am a 32 year old woman… My husband thinks I am sick, he does not believe that this is a jinn…. The doctors think I am having schizophrenia.

I feel like Allah hates me?

My heart is empty, and nothing, no words of encouragement help. I feel like I’m beyond help. I guess this question was a last attempt, I don’t know why I even asked it. But anyone, please, say anything…..

He molested her for years and now he demands respect from her

Ever since she was four, her brother would touch her private areas. When she was four, he would tell her not to tell anyone, and she listened because she had trusted her brother. Because she grew up having this done to her by her own brother, and because she did not yet know it was wrong of him to do that, she lived quietly having that done to her.

Deceived and cheated by my wife’s parents into marrying their daughter with psychological disorder

Mine was an arranged marriage. My parents got to know about the lady I married through a marriage bureau and my parents liked the family as well as the lady who I later got married to. Prior to my engagement and marriage, I was also given couple of opportunities to interact with the lady and we met three or four times to talk and know about each other like any other people who would want to know a little bit more to make a decision at a personal level . In the meantime, my parents and I did the background check about the lady and everything appeared to be alright. Finally we got married.

After a period of 16 months of my marriage, I was drained to the point that I consulted a counselor. What came out was shocking for me – the lady that I had married had a long history of psychological illness. I discovered that she is suffering from an illness called Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), since her teens.