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Divorced in anger – is it valid?

The imam of the local mosque told me that it depends whether my husband from his heart wanted the divorce or not when he was in the state of extreme anger…?

I have filed for divorce with my abusive wife but now I miss her

Due to my wife’s violence, I got injured once and she got in trouble with the law. That still did not stop her. Hitting was not even the worst part. The worst part was living in fear all day, day after day being cut off from everybody.

Dua to help my husband quit bad habits and become a practising Muslim.

Sometimes he says he doesn’t like me and talks about his past GF. I want my husband back. Please help me. Is this a psychological problem or is there any solution to this? I want him to understand that my parents are good and that my love is true. Please help me. Is there any dua to change him?