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Abusive Brother, Forced Engagment and Sexual Molestation

I grew up and it got much more serious. He’s given me black and blue eyes and made me bleed and very much hurt me even though I’ve always listened to him. If I didn’t listen to one word of his, then I would be done and beaten and my parents would do nothing about it and my mom would say: “maybe you should listen and do what he says, your dad will be home, you can tell him.”

Betrayed and cheated but i still love him

Im seeking help and advice i been with this guy for 3 1/2 years, we been through so many problems and still together.Our ups and down we stick together but year 2010 month of May I feel something going wrong. I have so many speculation and feeling that he was cheating on me.I found so many hints and so many marks that lead me finding the truth but since i love him so much and we on the process of settling down i just keep those things as nothing and im trying to convinced myself that he still be loyal and honest to me that he will not do such thing to me.