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She had sex before marriage

If I were to forget this and forgive her will God be able to do the same thing? Can I get even married to this girl in the ways of Islam anymore?

I didn’t know zina gets me to burn in hell forever

I had homosexual sex when I was 13… Do I have to get slashed 100 times? And if I do, do I have to get killed with it?

I am terrified…!!

I am a 13 year old girl. I recently heard a terrifying lecture about what happens in the grave to people who do zina, and I’m so terrified of Allah!

Pakistani Boyfriend left me Pregnant

I had a 7 months relationship with a pakistani guy who is younger than me. We have always got along pretty well, and i had the feeling that he was the one. He was very loving and caring. But there was a problem.. he always stated that we couldn’t commit in any way cos his family would never accept this relation and he wanted to be loyal to his family. It was not a problem of religion but of cultural background. He is the eldest and has no father, so he feels very responsible about his mum and siblings.

I am a Catholic, and my Muslim boyfriend has been punished by Allah because we committed Zina

I am a Catholic woman with an Islamic boyfriend. We have been secretly together for 2 years. His friends know about me but he has to hide our relationship from his family as they do not accept me as I am not Muslim and not from the same culture. He made plans to come to my country at the beginning of next year (2013) so that we can be together all the time and start our life together.