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Confused about a lot

What if I make an oath and forget but own up to it later? And do I get punishment for the actions of somebody else that they are doing to me?

Am I sinner and deserve what a sinner deserves?

When I was a child, my cousin takes me to a room and try to do wrong things with me…


Do they have to bear the burden of their parents’ wrong deeds?

Punishment for destroying a girls life?

If one girl’s heart is broken and she is in pain… because of her pain the whole family got disturbed…

She had sex before marriage

If I were to forget this and forgive her will God be able to do the same thing? Can I get even married to this girl in the ways of Islam anymore?

Can I give myself lashes for fornication?

May Allah forgive us all for our sins.


I feel that I can no longer contain myself after holding my emotions for so long.

Being Punished For Blasphemy?

I am torn and I am ashamed…

Fabrication of lies before marriage

Was this the punishment of any sins of mine that I got a wife of totally different civil status from what I desired?

Is it a sin for me? Will I go to hell for this??

Am I going to be punished for letting it happen? Is it wrong that I did not tell anyone?