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My parents are against my hijab, what should I do?

But I am confused here, they are saying that wearing hijab and not wearing hijab is the same thing as long as you are Muslim and practice Islam. They are like, there is no point of wearing it and it is not necessary in islam for women to wear hijab. It hurts me so much that all my family are against me and doesn’t like me anymore because I am wearing hijab. I don’t know what to do, I am so lost.

Confused about inner changes drawing me to purdah

Now for some time, I have been having thoughts of starting purdah. Like before, I used to go out comfortably in short sleeved kameez but now for some reason I just feel more comfortable in long sleeves. And now I want to cover my head, but the reason I’m not starting is I have doubts about my ability to sustain it.

Wife and daughter living in the same home with male in-laws?

Coming from a Pakistani culture joint family, everyone living in one home is common. I wanted to know is it an Islamic way to live?